[arin-ppml] FW: The Library Book Approach to IPv4 Scarcity

Seth Mattinen sethm at rollernet.us
Thu Nov 13 16:06:30 EST 2008

Jo Rhett wrote:
> On Nov 13, 2008, at 6:55 AM, Kevin Kargel wrote:
>> It seems to me that I was the one who responded in kind to an  
>> attack.  You
>> called my administration in to question first, so your response is an
>> example of the pot calling the kettle black.  Lose your own attitude.
> I never attacked you.  I have only pointed out the obvious.  It's in  
> your contract, and it's clear in the mission statements of ARIN that  
> they take this seriously.  As well they should.
>> I maintain that without an audit after a year or more time the  
>> validity of
>> data is questionable.  To provide ARIN with accurate data an audit  
>> should be
> We build our switch configurations from our database.  The only  
> possible thing an audit might find is a customer who is continuing to  
> pay us but no longer using the service.  Which doesn't mean that they  
> won't, so it is hardly an auditing crisis.
>> performed.  This is what we all are responsible to ARIN to do.  This  
>> takes
>> more time than plugging a few numbers from a spreadsheet to a form.   
>> I don't
>> know about your organization but mine does not need another admin  
>> task, even
>> if it is just a few hours a year.
> You already have that task.  It's in your contract.

I vaguely recall this discussion starting with requiring additional 
tasks above what's currently required. That's what I'm against. Current 
  requirements vs. reality in a small network like mine means I dig up 
the original request for my address space and a copy. Turning 
utilization/justification requirements into a moving target based on how 
much IPv4 space is left is a bad idea. Time to move on to IPv6 and 
forget the IPv4 scraps. Let it run out: it's the only thing that will 
really encourage an IPv6 internet, assuming that's what we want.


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