[arin-ppml] FW: The Library Book Approach to IPv4 Scarcity

Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
Thu Nov 13 09:55:28 EST 2008

It seems to me that I was the one who responded in kind to an attack.  You 
called my administration in to question first, so your response is an
of the pot calling the kettle black.  Lose your own attitude.

I maintain that without an audit after a year or more time the validity of 
data is questionable.  To provide ARIN with accurate data an audit should be

performed.  This is what we all are responsible to ARIN to do.  This takes 
more time than plugging a few numbers from a spreadsheet to a form.  I don't

know about your organization but mine does not need another admin task, even

if it is just a few hours a year.

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> On Nov 12, 2008, at 4:46 AM, Kevin Kargel wrote:
> > If you have enough staff to add unnecessary admin functions then
> > perhaps downsizing would be a better option for you than justifying
> > your job with
> First, lose the attitude problem.
> Second, no -- we run on a skeletal staff.  This is why good
> tracking of our resources is crucial.
> > position without even looking at my database.  It sounds
> like that is
> > what you are promoting, don't take the time to check, just
> fill in the
> > blanks..
> No, I'm saying that you have a responsibility to ARIN and the
> other ARIN members to use your resources efficiently.  You
> cannot do that without good documentation.
> I answered this e-mail to attempt to clear up any confusion.
> But I won't be responding to any more e-mails of this type.
> Attacks and hyperbole advance nothing.
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