[arin-ppml] PIv6 w/ legacy class C

Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Wed Nov 12 19:45:49 EST 2008

John Santos wrote:
> A) I can't get IPv6 space from ARIN and B) I can't get it from my ISP?
> (I have a legacy class C, so I'm fine for IPv4.)
>> Could you be more specific on this barrier of entry thing?
> I've tried several times to get IPv6 set up on our LAN.  Each
> time I run into the immediate barrier that I can't get IPv6 address
> space.
> Use the IPv6 equivalent of RFC1918, say some.  No, that's been
> abandoned, say others.  Get it from ARIN.  No, we're too small.
> (Under current rules, the most we could legitimately qualify for
> of IPv4 is a /24 (what we have), and since we don't qualify for
> a /22, we can't get IPv6 from ARIN.)  Sign the LRSA and start
> paying, and then you can get it.  No, not as far as I can tell...
> We are still too small.  Get it from your ISP.  Our ISP (Verizon)
> doesn't appear to offer IPv6 and there are 0 hits searching their
> web site for it.
> The only viable strategies seem to be 1) to make up something out
> of whole cloth and hope that when IPv6 eventually becomes viable
> and we get interconnected, the whole thing doesn't crumble to
> oblivion because there are way too many "pirated" addresses out
> there or 2) to wait for everyone else to do something first and
> eventually play catchup.


ARIN recently implemented the "PIv6 for legacy holders with RSA and 
efficient use" policy that was intended to fix this.  Under that policy, 
you should be able to sign an LRSA covering your /24, demonstrate you're 
efficiently using it, and you should be good to go.

If you haven't submitted an application for IPv6 space from ARIN in the 
last month or two, I would give it another shot under the new policy.  If 
you run into any trouble, I'd be very interested to hear the details.


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