[arin-ppml] The Library Book Approach to IPv4 Scarcity

Seth Mattinen sethm at rollernet.us
Wed Nov 12 01:17:40 EST 2008

Jo Rhett wrote:
> On Nov 11, 2008, at 4:52 PM, Seth Mattinen wrote:
>> The system seems to favor entities consuming space and wanting more. I
>> assume I'll never request more space (I am not an ISP, so customer
>> growth has no relation to my usage) or by the time I would, the lack of
>> IPv4 space will prohibit an additional request. I don't feel it's fair
>> be punished because I'm trying to be responsible with what I have.
> Seth, get off with the "being punished".  Do you have a copy of the 
> justification you used to get the space?  Update it to reflect reality 
> and viola, you have everything you need.  It probably will take you less 
> time than you have already spent on this thread.

Somebody has to stick up for the tiny networks; might as well be me.


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