[arin-ppml] Snarl: Using ARIN Contacts to report abuse.

Thorsten Ziegler thorsten.ziegler at 1and1.com
Thu Nov 6 15:06:11 EST 2008

> I suspect if you publish an Abuse POC you will see abuse 
> complaints go there.
> "Abuse POC Handle: Indicate the ARIN POC handle of a contact 
> responsible for handling operational aspects of the 
> acceptable or appropriate uses of the allocated network. The 
> abuse POC may not make modifications to the allocated network 
> registration. "

Sadly, I cannot say this is true. While I currently don't know how many
people actually honor this, I know that there is a significant amount
people who either ignore this handle or don't know about it. The range
is big: From private users, cheap free Tools to big business making
money by "protecting" against phishing etc. Especially the last party is
very reluctant on actually "fixing" anything when contacted, they just
keep on ignoring our Abuse Handles. (Cheap) Desktop/Private Protection
Utilities are not a lot better...


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