[arin-ppml] Snarl: Using ARIN Contacts to report abuse.

Henry Yen arin-mail at AegisInfoSys.com
Mon Nov 3 15:21:32 EST 2008

On Mon, Nov 03, 2008 at 01:51:11AM -0500, Stewart Dean wrote:
> What is wrong with sending something to abuse, if only a copy?  This is 
> the canonical forever way to do it, if only a copy; it's in the 
> dad-cussed RFC whatever...not that anybody follows them, gripe, gripe. I 
> know, we don't really need standards, everyone whould just wing it as 
> best he or she sees fit.

My admittedly quickie check only turned up RFC2142 ("Proposed Standard"
status) from May 1997; the "abuse@" requirement is a little twisty for
me, but I suppose rfc-ignorant.org outlines it best.

More apropos, you already know that the ARIN ABUSE contact would do.  As
well, having an entry in whois.abuse.net (which is probably simpler to
parse) is probably helpful.

> When I came to make the change from people to symbolic POCs (because our 
> IT head changed), I just updated the the existing POCs 
> individually...there was no abuse POC in our long extant whois listing.  
> It might help if the POC update template from indicated a list of POC 
> roles as a hint.  This a gotcha.

Could very well be, but ISTR the ABUSE contact in existence even when
the templates were submitted via e-mail.

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