[arin-ppml] Snarl: Using ARIN Contacts to report abuse.

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Mon Nov 3 14:45:20 EST 2008

Stewart Dean wrote:
> When I came to make the change from people to symbolic POCs (because our IT head changed), I just updated the the existing POCs individually...there was no abuse POC in our long extant whois listing.  It might help if the POC update template from indicated a list of POC roles as a hint.  This a gotcha.

I think you have it backwards.  A POC is just a point of contact; the 
role that each POC fills is not specified in the POC record itself 
(since a single POC may have multiple roles) but in the record(s) that 
reference it.  If you look at the (IPv4) Network Modification Template, 
you'll see there's a slot for the (optional) Abuse POC at #7:


Ditto for the IPv6 Network Modification Template, also at #7:


Ditto for the ASN Modification Template, at #5:


You may find it simpler to specify an Abuse POC for your OrgID, which 
will be inherited by default for all of your (IPv4) Network, IPv6 
Network, and ASN records.  If you look at the Organization Template, 
you'll see there's a slot for the (optional) Abuse POC at #13:



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