[arin-ppml] Snarl: Using ARIN Contacts to report abuse.

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Mon Nov 3 12:23:33 EST 2008

I looked up your Org entry, you should add an Abuse POC handle, you only 
have an Admin POC Handle and 2 Tech POC Handles.  By not having an 
abuse handle your not telling people that you want abuse complaints sent 
somewhere else.  Without an Abuse POC I would probably send abuse 
complaints to your Tech POC Handles, because if you don't publish your 
abuse contact information why would I assume you even have one?

I suspect if you publish an Abuse POC you will see abuse complaints go 

"Abuse POC Handle: Indicate the ARIN POC handle of a contact 
responsible for handling operational aspects of the acceptable or 
appropriate uses of the allocated network. The abuse POC may not make 
modifications to the allocated network registration. "

On 3 Nov 2008 Stewart Dean wrote:

> I am increasingly seeing that abuse-related comments are going to our 
> ARIN whois info contacts instead of abuse@<domain>. ...this seems to be 
> the new thing....I guess they figure that this way they'll get someone, 
> since these addresses are explicitly listed, where abuse@<domain> is one 
> of the implicitly (by RFC standard) required, but not always incarnated
> Damn.  This is one of those expedient, but wrong way to do things, but 
> everyone is adopting it.
> It's fortunate that I made the contacts symbolic aliases (iptech, 
> ipadmin, ipbill) instead of actual people's names.  At least this way we 
> can send it to multiple people...otherwise, if it was going to an actual 
> user, we'd have to rely on that person to fwd..........which wouldn't 
> happen when they were on vacation. 
> <snarl>
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