[arin-ppml] fair warning: less than 1000days lefttoIPv4 exhaustion

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Tue May 6 03:13:10 EDT 2008

> I suspect the biggest problem will be for the company which 
> opens their doors in 3 years, and tries to get IP space, and 
> finds that they can only get IPv6... and then discovers that 
> only a fraction of the people on the Internet can reach their 
> www site.  THEN it's gonna hit the fan.

IT is pretty simple for an IPv6-only webserver to provide access
to the IPv4 Internet. I would expect that any ISP providing IPv6
hosting access, would implement the neccesary gateway services.

In any case, even enterprises need to do test deployments of IPv6
before they go live with it, and that is the kind of work that people
need to do today. You will notice that the ISPs all said that they
are doing their testing RIGHT NOW in order to be prepared for full
commercial services sometime in the next year and a half. That is
because they MUST be ready to sell IPv6 before IPv4 runs out otherwise
there will be hell to pay with their shareholders.

No rational person is advising people to rush out and convert to IPv6
today. We are recommending that you begin using IPv6 in trial
in order to find out what you really need to do when the conversion
in earnest.

--Michael Dillon

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