[arin-ppml] Legacy Space authority

Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
Mon May 5 15:04:25 EDT 2008

>> Imagine if WIPO found IP addresses were property and subject to
>> Based on that precident you would have a perfect argument for saying
that telephone numbers are also property.  So now when a business >>
moves cross country their phone number including the area code is
required to go with them.

Ah, but the telephone issue has already been decided, and telco's are
required to let you keep your number and area code..  This is not to say
you will avoid toll charges by carrying a specific area code with you,
but it does say you can do it if you want to..

In this document the FCC goes so far as to say "your old company may not
refuse to port your number, even if you owe money "

So it looks like telephone numbers are defacto property..  Which
probably sets a precedent for IP addresses..  This is rather the reverse
of your discussion, but still applicable..

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