[arin-ppml] fair warning: less than 1000 days lefttoIPv4exhaustion

Bill Darte BillD at cait.wustl.edu
Mon May 5 09:41:02 EDT 2008


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> lefttoIPv4exhaustion
> > In any case, the exact runout date is irrelevant. What is more 
> > important is knowing the nearest possible date for runout 
> since that 
> > is the date you want to target with your IPv6 readiness 
> plans. If you 
> > are IPv6 ready in 1.5 years, then it doesn't matter when IPv4 
> > addresses run out. If you need 3 years to become IPv6 
> ready, then you have a problem.
> >  
> > --Michael Dillon
> if on the other hand ipv6 isn't going to make or save any 
> money this year for those who deploy it, because not enough 
> others have deployed it, and if the undepreciated capital 
> plant doesn't support it so it would take capital spending to 
> get it done, then deploying ipv6 is a bad idea.  no earlypoints.
> lather, rinse, repeat.
> i don't like it, but there it is.

This certainly reminds me of the earlier days of corporate ramp-up with
information security.
All tangible expenditure and NO tangible benefits.
The way forward seemed to be selling it as a benefit to future
relationships and demonstrating/emphasizing the capability and
trust-worthiness of the 'enhanced' enterprise. It was still intangible,
but it changed the focus from 'protecting oneself' to 'selling the

...can't quite see, though...still groping for a towel....

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