[arin-ppml] Legacy Space authority (fwd)

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Sat May 3 13:49:09 EDT 2008

for the record, then:

> ...
> Guilmette associates with Alan Brown, Mathew Sullivan, and John Levine
> through the spam-l list. Brown is formerly the operator of ORBS.ORG,
> shut for defamation after making false claims about open relays to
> profit Brown's ISP, which was also lost in payment of damages). Matthew
> Sullivan is the ostensible operator SORBS.ORG with Paul Vixie and Dave
> Rand. SORBS.ORG was hosted by unelected ARIN Board Member Paul Vixie.  
> Vixie denied hosting SORBS and transferred the service to his MAPS.ORG
> co-founder Dave Rand, but forgot to remove the in-addr.arpa entries.  
> While denying involvement with SORBS, Vixie has curiously been willing
> to discuss the SORBS business model on ARIN-DISCUSS.  ARIN-DISCUSS is
> the mailing list restricted to ARIN members for ARIN business, and it
> seems to be at least a conflict of interest for Board Members to promote
> their own business using ARIN resources.  Levine is a business partner 
> of Paul Vixie in a commercial bulk email operation called Whitehat.
> ...

for the record, it isn't december of an odd numbered year, and so, i won't
be disputing, refuting, explaining, arguing, or discussing in detail any of
dean anderson's statements about me or my activities.  a man's got to know
his limitations.  one weekend out of 100, i will worry about what onlookers
might think of dean's repeated accusations of malfeasance against me.  this
isn't the one.  i know i used to give more than 1%, but it was way too much.

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