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Thu May 1 16:43:52 EDT 2008

As the holder of legacy space, I'm willing to pay the $100/yr  
maintenence fee. It seems reasonable. I do object to the RSA which  
to impose more restrictions on the space that what I originally agreed  

Joe McGuckin
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On May 1, 2008, at 1:21 PM, Stephen Sprunk wrote:

> Thus spake "Danny McPherson" <danny at tcb.net>
>> Finally, in reviewing this the other day, I did find the text
>> under Q2 here:
>> <http://www.arin.net/registration/agreements/legacy_rsa_faq.html>
>> "The fees charged are intended to maintain accurate account
>> records, to prevent hijacking or unforward events, not burden
>> the Legacy address holder" somewhat ambiguous, and well
>> in need of some clarifying text - for obvious reasons.
> Could you expand on what you'd like to see instead?
> The Q&A makes it very clear what the purpose of the LRSA is.  A2 in
> particular makes it clear what the purpose of the fees are: to pay for
> maintaining accurate account records.  That's why they're called
> "maintenance" fees.
> Non-RSA'd legacy space is easy to hijack because ARIN has no clear  
> records
> or business relationship with the entity that supposedly controls  
> it, so
> they have a difficult time proving that an entity trying to transfer  
> that
> space to another party either is or is not the original legacy  
> registrant.
> Trying to clean and maintain those records costs staff time, i.e.  
> money.
> The maintenance fees pay for that.  The fees also have a beneficial  
> side
> effect of keeping the information current, since the billing process  
> itself
> requires annual contact may prompt records changes, as the  
> organization
> itself changes, that would otherwise be lost over time if there were  
> no
> regular contact.
> Keep in mind that _over half_ of legacy records haven't been touched  
> by
> their registrants since ARIN was formed over ten years ago.  It's  
> highly
> likely that most of those records are grossly incorrect due to M&A  
> activity,
> bankrupcies, name changes, etc.  The contact information is almost  
> certainly
> incorrect. How is ARIN supposed to know if someone claiming to  
> represent an
> organization that received its space 10-25 years ago is really the  
> same
> entity?  If you're one of those orgs, isn't it worth $100/yr to make  
> sure
> nobody can hijack your (coveted) legacy space and get it marked as a  
> spam
> haven?
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