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Thu May 1 16:21:42 EDT 2008

Thus spake "Danny McPherson" <danny at tcb.net>
> Finally, in reviewing this the other day, I did find the text
> under Q2 here:
> <http://www.arin.net/registration/agreements/legacy_rsa_faq.html>
> "The fees charged are intended to maintain accurate account
> records, to prevent hijacking or unforward events, not burden
> the Legacy address holder" somewhat ambiguous, and well
> in need of some clarifying text - for obvious reasons.

Could you expand on what you'd like to see instead?

The Q&A makes it very clear what the purpose of the LRSA is.  A2 in 
particular makes it clear what the purpose of the fees are: to pay for 
maintaining accurate account records.  That's why they're called 
"maintenance" fees.

Non-RSA'd legacy space is easy to hijack because ARIN has no clear records 
or business relationship with the entity that supposedly controls it, so 
they have a difficult time proving that an entity trying to transfer that 
space to another party either is or is not the original legacy registrant. 
Trying to clean and maintain those records costs staff time, i.e. money. 
The maintenance fees pay for that.  The fees also have a beneficial side 
effect of keeping the information current, since the billing process itself 
requires annual contact may prompt records changes, as the organization 
itself changes, that would otherwise be lost over time if there were no 
regular contact.

Keep in mind that _over half_ of legacy records haven't been touched by 
their registrants since ARIN was formed over ten years ago.  It's highly 
likely that most of those records are grossly incorrect due to M&A activity, 
bankrupcies, name changes, etc.  The contact information is almost certainly 
incorrect. How is ARIN supposed to know if someone claiming to represent an 
organization that received its space 10-25 years ago is really the same 
entity?  If you're one of those orgs, isn't it worth $100/yr to make sure 
nobody can hijack your (coveted) legacy space and get it marked as a spam 


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