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Thu May 1 14:15:14 EDT 2008

Chris Grundemann wrote:
> On Thu, May 1, 2008 at 11:11 AM, Dylan Ebner <dylan.ebner at crlmed.com> wrote:
>> Does ARIN have any kind of policy for recommendations to be made to it's
>> members for dealing with this kind of accused abuse?
>> Does ARIN recommend that other organizations block incomming traffic from
>> these "hijacked" IP blocks?
>> I am curious to what people's opinion is on this matter. Should the ARIN
>> community try to block incoming traffic from organizations that engage in
>> this pracrice as a means to defer people from attempting this kind of IP
>> takeover?
> I think you raise a great question and one that begs a couple more:
> What is the most efficient manner of tracking this type of squatting /
> hijacking?
> Is there a method efficient enough to make it realistically plausible
> to keep a running list?
> Is there an organization equipped to maintain such a list?
I believe there is one that already tries to, albeit they don't seem to
list this particular prefix (maybe b/c it's not technically invalid).

> If there are good answers to these questions then we could leverage
> such a routing blacklist against those who would operate on any
> current or future IP black market.  I think this would be very
> beneficial to the community as a whole because as you note, most of
> the people who would use IP space inappropriately are using it for
> something inappropriate.
> ~Chris

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