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Does ARIN have any kind of policy for recommendations to be made to it's members for dealing with this kind of accused abuse?
Does ARIN recommend that other organizations block incomming traffic from these "hijacked" IP blocks? 
I am curious to what people's opinion is on this matter. Should the ARIN community try to block incoming traffic from organizations that engage in this pracrice as a means to defer people from attempting this kind of IP takeover?
As for my company,  we take a fairly hard line on what IP blocks we allow inbound and therefore we block traffic from Russia, China, etc. because we have deemed our employees do not need to surf those sites while working. I have been debating since I read about the Media Breakaway story if for security reasons we should block their IP block as well. If they are willing to engage in this kind of practice, what else are they willing to do?


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> http://blog.washingtonpost.com/securityfix/2008/04/a_case_of_network_identity_the_1.html

This is kind of old news, but it'll be very interesting to see how ARIN
handles it, and if it ends up in court, how it's decided.

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