[ppml] Policy to help the little guys

Ray Plzak plzak at arin.net
Wed Mar 19 06:44:48 EDT 2008


If you think something is worthwhile to discuss as a possible policy idea then I see that you have two paths. You can use either or both. First, you can always start such a discussion on the ppml. Second you can present the idea at the Open Policy Hour which occurs the evening before the public policy meeting.


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> David Williamson wrote:
> > If you can get a PA /24 for multi-homing, and anyone can, why can't
> > you get PI?
> as a gedanken experiment, and maintaining my reputation as a notorious
> trouble-maker, why not longer than /24?  e.g. take a /16 and create a
> well-known micro-swam of say /29s for multi-homed content sites.
> i am not necessarily advocating this.  but i think the exercise of
> discussing the pros and cons might be good for us.
> randy
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