[ppml] Listing services

Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Tue Mar 18 21:09:49 EDT 2008

michael.dillon at bt.com wrote:

>> I agree that we have a lot to learn about listing services 
>> before we set one up.
> This is the main reason why I think that it is too late to
> implement some kind of market with the prime, or only goal
> of mitigating the impact of IPv4 runout. 
>>  Of course, that doesn't detract 
>> from the importance of doing it right, so I would expect that 
>> ARIN would hire experts on the topic to make sure they take 
>> advantage of the expertise of someone who has set up a 
>> similar system before.
> It is all too easy to either hire the wrong sort of experts, 
> or to give them the wrong instructions because you don't fully
> understand the implications of your plans. In fact if you 
> don't already have expertise in an area, it's all too common
> to hire conmen rather than true experts. My point here is that
> we all need to bring ourselves up to a certain minimum level 
> of competence in regards to "markets" in order to make reasonable
> decisions about creating one. I believe the current proposal
> was created with much too narrow a viewpoint.

I think we are operating under different assumptions.  You seem to be 
assuming that ARIN is (or would need to) "create" and "implement" the 
market, which in my mind translates to ARIN being the sole listing 
service.  (Please correct me if I'm misunderstanding your position here.)

My assumption, on the other hand, is that ARIN need only liberalize 
transfer policy and *allow* transactions, and that will allow a market 
to form.  I think (and 2008-02 states) that ARIN should facilitate some 
degree of centralization and transparency by operating a listing 
service, but that the use of the listing service should be voluntary.

Given the voluntary nature of the ARIN listing service, any mis-steps by 
ARIN in setting it up would have limited impact, as anyone would be free 
to use any alternative listing service they preferred if the ARIN one 
doesn't meet their needs.

Does that address your concerns?

Thanks for your continued input,

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