[ppml] Markets, pricing, transparency, 2008-2 / 8.3.9

Cliff Bedore cliffb at cjbsys.bdb.com
Tue Mar 18 13:30:50 EDT 2008

Tom Vest wrote:
>> .........

>> We're not eliminating the single source.  Like the title for your car
>> from the DMV, it goes through one and only one place.
> You got the title to your car from the DMV?

Actually yes.  That's how it's done here in Maryland
> Gosh, I thought that chain started with something (i.e., a "pink 
> slip") that came from the car seller and/or financer.
> You have to *report* title transfers to the DMV after the fact, after 
> which they replace the old one with an updated one.
> But you have to report it first.
> But we all know how much everyone loves to take time off from work/fun 
> and go visit the DMV, right?
> I bet we'd all go visit them religiously even if all licensing and 
> vehicle registration were voluntary, and police did not exist.
> It kind of makes one wonder why all of that taxpayer money is wasted 
> on police in the first place ;-\

Most of our stuff with the DMV can be done over the internet. :-)
> You live in California right?

> http://www.dmv.ca.gov/vr/vr_info.htm#BM2523
>>> 2. Next, allow market forces to govern the address delegation function
>>> -- i.e., engage everyone's well-honed instincts to spend less 
>>> andprofit more, and allow the overall distribution of address 
>>> resource be
>>> determined and legitimated by that market process.
>> SO?
> The point is not that markets or the profit motive are bad.
> The point is that once you subject some system to those motives, you 
> have to assume that they will be applied consistently and vigorously, 
> not just enough but not too much, not just in ways that you think are 
> nice.

Again, there's a big market here for cars but all the titles go through 
the DMV and the rules are applied "consistently and vigorously"
>> ...........

>> Not decentralized.  Not a market.  Simply one more way in which
>> addresses may be obtained from/through ARIN
> "Decentralized" means the individual transactions that affect the 
> quality of the "central registry" and the overall (next-level) 
> distribution of address resources happen outside of the direct purview 
> of the maintainer of the central registry. Don't blame me man, I 
> didn't make the word up.

>> .....................

>> Not like insurance.  Much more like the DMV.
> Yes, like the magical, police-free, self-enforcing DMV.

Actually yes except for the magical part.

> ...............

>>> I can't make the case any more clearly. I would also like the simple
>>> way to work, but wishing it will not make it so.
>> Then I guess I give up because I still don't understand your examples or
>> why what I put forth won't work.
> That is definitely the right response; I am going to follow your lead 
> on this.

I bet you won't.  :-)

> TV


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