[ppml] Restrictions on transferor deaggregation in 2008-2: IPv4Transfer Policy Proposal

Kevin - Your.Org kevin at your.org
Wed Mar 12 13:18:35 EDT 2008

On Mar 12, 2008, at 9:09 AM, Howard, W. Lee wrote:

>> Right now I can go to any colo provider and say "I want a
>> half dozen racks, power, and connectivity for my 150
>> servers." and pretty easily get a /23 or larger. Now what
>> happens if I say "You know, why don't you forget about the
>> racks, power, bandwidth and everything else...
>> How much would just the /23 be per month?"
> Downstream customer adherence
> ISPs must require their downstream customers to adhere to the
> following criteria:
> Utilization
> Reassignment information for prior allocations must show that each
> customer meets the 80% utilization criteria and must be available
> via SWIP/RHWOIS prior to your issuing them additional space.
> . . .
> Reassignments to multihomed downstream customers
> Under normal circumstances an ISP is required to determine the prefix
> size of their reassignment to a downstream customer according to the
> guidelines set forth in RFC 2050. Specifically, a downstream customer
> justifies their reassignment by demonstrating they have an immediate
> requirement for 25% of the IP addresses being assigned, and that they
> have a plan to utilize 50% of their assignment within one year of its
> receipt.
> . . .

Who said anything about not being utilized? The space will be  
utilized, just not on a network directly connected.

Renter: "I would like to rent a /20."
ISP: "Okay, can you document and justify it?"
Renter: "Sure, here's my paperwork and network diagrams of how I plan  
to use this space."
ISP: "Great, That will be $x/month."

Renter goes an announces the /20 through their existing transit  
connections. If ISP doesn't want to appear to be renting the space  
out, they might work out a deal where they'll announce it too, but  
prepended to death.

For the record, I'm not saying I *support* doing this, and have  
absolutely no plans to attempt this from either side. Just that I  
don't see why it's not possible now.

-- Kevin

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