[ppml] Prefix availability under 2008-2: IPv4 Transfer Policy Proposal

Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Mon Mar 10 13:05:52 EDT 2008

Leo Vegoda wrote:
> On 09/03/2008 16:06, "Joel Snyder" <Joel.Snyder at Opus1.COM> wrote:
> [...]
>>>> Why would anyone have to wait for address space?  If they're willing to
>>>> pay the market price for it, there should always be space available.
>>> That's a very bold statement. Is it based on research?
>> Yeah, about 200 years of economics research.  It turns out to be true
>> for anything, ranging from "true love" to "oil" to "IP addresses."
> Are you suggesting that there will be a steady flow of prefixes of all sizes
> or making a comment on economic theory?

I took his comment as a general comment on economic theory.

With regards to availability of different prefix sizes, that is 
definitely a concern, and was the reason for the addition of the section 
"8.3.6  Deaggregation when Permitted by ARIN" to version 1.1 of 2008-2: 
IPv4 Transfer Policy Proposal.  Under that proposal, ARIN would allow 
deaggregation of larger blocks as needed to meet demand for smaller 
blocks.  This should ensure that, if an organization is willing to pay 
the market price for it, there should be prefixes available of every 
size up to /8.

If you think there is a better way to solve the problem than the current 
8.3.6 text, I'd love to hear it.  That text was proposed as a 
compromise, so it'd be great to get more input to see whether the 
community feels it strikes the right balance.


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