[ppml] NANOG IPv4 Exhaustion BoF

Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Fri Mar 7 16:25:57 EST 2008

Randy Bush wrote:
>> Unfortunately, it won't be TE more-specifics being
>> filtered this time, it will be routes covering unique
>> end-site locations.
> why do you think that?  seems to me that TE and other defragging is
> non-product, and end sites are product.  as the former are a very large
> portion of the table, it would seem more productive to stomp them.

I agree that TE deaggregates will be first to be filtered, but I think 
it's important that any policy we put in place doesn't create a whole 
bunch more small unique routes covering end-sites.  That will both 
reduce the need for filtering, and make sure that there can actually be 
covering aggregates that can make it safe to filter distant deaggregates.


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