[ppml] Lame Delegations

McNutt, Justin M. McNuttJ at missouri.edu
Thu Mar 6 23:07:34 EST 2008

Interesting.  I wasn't aware that anyone other than me had attempted to
address this issue.

Even if we just consider the reverse name space, the number of lame -
and RFC1918 - delegations in existence is pretty sad.  Couple that with
a lack of any kind of automated way to detect the proper contact for an
address space (via SOA record or WHOIS data) and you get a nearly
intractable problem.

Though the general public (me) likely shouldn't have direct programmatic
access to WHOIS information (for obvious anti-spam reasons), I should
think that ARIN would be in a unique position to have access to this
data and be able to respond effectively to both incorrect/unusable
contact information as well as lame reverse delegations.

As such, I for one would like to see such a project continue.  If
manpower is the issue, I submit myself as a resource.

Put generally, I see a widespread lack of knowledge of how DNS works, to
the point that I am honestly amazed that it works at all.  Any project
that serves to make the overall system better AND educate DNS admins is
worth my personal time and effort.  We will soon be hiring another tech
capable of light programming duties, and I'd be willing to donate some
of *his* time as well.

Let us know if we can help.  Thx!


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> If anyone knows "lame" - it's me.
> Ed
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> >ARIN has elected to remove the Lame Delegation identification and
> >notification software from production.  Following several months of
> >periodic issues, ARIN determined it is best to take the software
> >offline, review, and retest several components.  One recent problem
> >resulted in blank e-mail messages being sent to approximately one
> >hundred organizations.  We apologize for this inconvenience.
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> >The software is expected to be back online in early April 2008.  If
> >you have any further questions or comments, please contact 
> info at arin.net.
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