[ppml] NANOG IPv4 Exhaustion BoF

Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Wed Mar 5 13:12:48 EST 2008

Raul Echeberria wrote:
>> Without some form of transfer policy, ARIN simply becomes irrelevant
>> as address consumers go to the "black" market in order to meet their
>> requirements.
> Or they adopt IPv6.
> Which are the factors that will make take one 
> decision or other is an interesting discussion.

Don't forget that, until the entire rest of the world adopts IPv6, 
organizations doing so will still need IPv4 addresses/connectivity to 
run dual-stack or some sort of (yet to be standardized or 
commercialized) protocol translation.  If nothing else, a legitimate 
market for IPv4 transfers will ensure that new entrants can get the IPv4 
addresses they need to support whatever technology they choose to use to 
communicate with the rest of the IPv4 Internet.


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