[arin-ppml] Q1 - ARIN address transfer policy

Paul Vixie paul at vix.com
Sat Jun 21 16:43:18 EDT 2008

>   most of us are, in the above terms, both pro-market and anti-market.
>   there's no way forward without some kind of miracle, such as 464 or LISP
>   or similar.
> that's inconsistent with your favorable stacking of this community against
> every other regulation system anywhere in the world any time in history.

i can see why it appears inconsistent.  i'll try to straighten things out:

> if we're so great at stewardship, how did we get so stuck so fast?  and why
> are we now helping OECD call in meatspace regulatory systems to help deploy
> ipv6 http://www.oecd.org/dataoecd/7/1/40605942.pdf since our well-stacked
> system is failing to get it deployed?

we got stuck because there are no carrots or sticks.  on the internet, if
someone doesn't like what you're saying, they can just ignore you.  we're
asking meatspace for help getting ipv6 deployed because meatspace is harder
to ignore.  but these differences are in the nature of the problem spaces,
not in the nature of the regulators.

>   and while it may be irresponsible to incorporate a "necessary but unknown
>   miracle" into one's plans, that's where the reduction leads in this case.
> what about the miracle that has to happen for the current routing and
> economic architectures to accommodate a couple decades years of ipv6+ipv4
> growth+splintering?

we've been riding moore's law.  according to tli back in ARIN ABQ, that ride
is over, and we'll need a different way to grow the internet soon/already.

> 'our community' may have all the noble virtues you list, but they aren't the
> metrics by which history will judge stewardship.

that we built it at all and grew it this far this fast and that we generally
knew at this juncture which of our problems weren't solvable is good enough
for me.  that is, make sure the historians photograph me on my best side.

> many of the smartest people i know are in this community, but bragging
> doesn't seem in order.

i didn't mean to brag, honestly.  i just don't like hearing this community
called amateurs in the field of comms regulation, either because we're not, or
because at the bar set by the internet, everybody everywhere everywhen is.

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