[arin-ppml] Q2: on Address Transfers - Overkill on the freeze period?

Steve Bertrand steve at ibctech.ca
Fri Jun 20 18:59:21 EDT 2008

Milton L Mueller wrote:
> In the ARIN proposal, the releasing party cannot have received any IPv4 
> addresses, either from ARIN or from transfers, in the past 24 months, 
> and cannot request any for the next 24 months. So anyone who 
> participates on the release side of a transfer must remove themselves 
> from the ARIN v4 allocation/assignment process for a total of four years.
> Ostensibly, the rationale here is to prevent hoarding and speculation. 
> But it seems like overkill. Is this intended to be punitive? Is the 
> rationale really a Ted-style "you immoral bastards held on to address 
> space you didn't need and so now we're going to screw you back" kind of 
> an attitude?

> Wouldn't it be simpler to block speculation the way RIPE proposes, and 
> simply restrict -- on the recipient side -- transfer of the received 
> addresses for two years?

I have not been following these threads thoroughly, so forgive me up front.

What if ARIN blocked the transfer of addresses by looking at it from the 
  side of the purchaser, not the merchant, and enforced them to follow 
already written policy that states they must provide justification for 
the size of block in the transfer?

...or am I way off in my statement, and the one that I quoted, in 
thinking perhaps that how in Gods name is ARIN going to be able to 
functionally stop any market of sorts, and how will it be enforced if 
the transfer happens between regions? I snickered at the eBay message 
this morning. Whoever posted that has their ducks in a row.

To be honest, after thinking about it, if it were me, I would not have 
stated that they can lease it for as long as they want for the purchase 
price. I would have tried to word in an ongoing 'maintenance' fee for it.

I'd like to see some sort of credit system in place, where if I give 
back a piece of my /NN (due to migrating at least my internal 
infrastructure to IPv6), I receive NN credits.

When the time comes that IPv4 space is so valuable, let the market 
dictate the price. Have an eBay style auction in which my credits earn 
me the right to collect NN percent of the inflated fee the allocatee 
paid for the registration. This will be my incentive (beyond my already 
existent incentives) for migrating to IPv6, and/or evaluating and 
rectifying areas of my network that is blatantly not conservative of v4 
address assignment.

Off the wall, I know.


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