[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Extend Experimental Renewal Timeframe

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Thu Jun 19 11:02:50 EDT 2008

John Curran wrote:
> At 2:15 PM +0900 6/19/08, Randy Bush wrote:
>> heather skanks wrote:
>>> Is the argument that renewing an experimental allocation every
>>> year is a hardship?   Would anyone care to post about their
>>> experiences with an experimental allocation and the renewal
>>> process?
>> it's fairly easy, just administrivia and money
>>> Can the authors or someone on list, give a current example of a
>>> "true experiment in technical nature that addresses the internet
>>> architecture and routing" that is adversely affected by the 1
>>> year renewal requirement?
>> it's just administrivia and money
> Can you elaborate on either of these for sake of those who might not 
> have direct experience

uh, the administrivia is on the web site.  i will not mock you by
sending a url.  same for the pricing.  i guess i must not understand
your question.

it's just business.  do the paperwork, send the cash; arin even takes
credit cards; i have not tried green stamps.  as to the administrative
hassle, anyone who asks clearly has never dealt with ripe's eurocrazy.
you just don't realize how easy it is to work with arin hostfolk.

> and do you have an opinion either way regarding the policy proposal
> to change the renewal timeframe?

i did not read it beyond scanning; it seemed uninteresting, more policy
noise.  i am only on this thread because heather asked two questions for
which i was foolish enough to believe that i had the direct experience
to answer.


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