[arin-ppml] Creating a market for IPv4 address spaceinabsenceof routing table entry market

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Thu Jun 19 07:34:28 EDT 2008

> > > It implies ownership of 
> > > the right to use address space (i.e. a license to use that unique 
> > > set of integers, in the limited context of the IPv4 Internet.)

> > If so, then that would be a MAJOR change to the set of rights wich 
> > currently come with an ARIN allocation. Currently you have 
> a right to 
> > use those integers in devices which support the Internet Protocol 
> > version 4. This holds whether or not you connect the set of 
> devices to 
> > the Internet or not. 

> Your response is a non sequiter. He said that A implies B. 
> You replied that would be a major change because we have 
> always felt that C was also true.
> However, there is no inconsistency between B and C. In fact, 
> C is independent of B.

You are splitting hairs. I'm not talking about logic, I'm talking
about policy. If you accept ambiguous language, even in a discussion,
then it could come to pass that new policies contain language saying
that they apply in the limited context of the IPv4 Internet. That is
not the case with current policy.

Plain English is more than adequate to discuss ARIN policy so please do
not try and force us to argue about whether or not you have correctly
translated the discussion into the language of logic.

--Michael Dillon

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