[arin-ppml] Creating a market for IPv4 address space inabsenceof routing table entry market

David Schwartz davids at webmaster.com
Wed Jun 18 14:26:20 EDT 2008

> > I don't think anyone who advocates a market in address space
> > thinks that implies ownership of address space.  It implies
> > ownership of the right to use address space (i.e. a license
> > to use that unique set of integers, in the limited context of
> > the IPv4 Internet.)

> If so, then that would be a MAJOR change to the set of rights wich
> currently come with an ARIN allocation. Currently you have a right
> to use those integers in devices which support the Internet Protocol
> version 4. This holds whether or not you connect the set of devices
> to the Internet or not. If you have a need for uniqueness, you can
> apply to ARIN and get addresses. Many companies have done so, often
> to use in VPNs or private internetworks (also called extranets) in
> which companies connect to their trading partners.
> --Michael Dillon

Your response is a non sequiter. He said that A implies B. You replied that
would be a major change because we have always felt that C was also true.
However, there is no inconsistency between B and C. In fact, C is
independent of B.

Perhaps you took his "A implies only B" to mean that he was claiming your
particular superset of B was false. But he did no such thing. He simply said
it wasn't implied by A. However, that takes no position on its truth or

In this case:

A = A market for address space
B = Ownership of a right to use address space only on the Internet
C = Assignment includes right to use address space in non-Internet contexts

In case it's not clear, he argued that a market in address space implies
that you can own the right to use address space in the limited context of
the IPv4 Internet (A implies or requires just B). He said nothing about use
of address space in any other context. He didn't say you couldn't get it or
didn't have it, he just said that only ownership of a right to use in the
limited context of the Internet is required for a market in address space.

And, in fact, when someone wants to "buy IP addresses", what they want is
the exclusive right to use those IP addresses on the public Internet. If
this right can be had and transferred, then there can be a market in address


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