[arin-ppml] Creating a market for IPv4 address space in absence of routing table entry market

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Tue Jun 17 21:23:33 EDT 2008

> I am persuaded that simply being the registered steward of
> a prefix will not be sufficient to get the prefix routed.

no quibble, but not overly interesting.

but, to hoist myself on my own petard, are you/folk at all concerned
that, as the rpki becomes used in secure routing, iana and the rirs will
have affect your prefixes routability far more than they do today?

while we are trying to make it so an accidental ops slip at an rpki node
will not damage you if it is corrected in reasonable time, if you piss
off someone up the validation chain (or worse, if someone up the chain
two links pisses someone >2 links up), they can break the validation
chain for your certs/roas.


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