[arin-ppml] Creating a transfer market for IPv4 addresses

bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com
Tue Jun 17 21:06:39 EDT 2008

On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 06:14:27PM -0400, Milton L Mueller wrote:
> > 
> Right now we are talking about address transfers, not a routing market.
> I don't see the two as linked. 

	this is an interesting construct.  if they are not linked, we can
	only beleive that address hording is the object.  Last I checked,
	address hording is generally frowned on by the community.
	And Jason almost certainly knows more about routing than you and
	I combined.  If he claims they are linked, then its a really good
	opportunity to learn from experts than dismiss routing as a real concern.

> Getting back to Bill Manning's question whether anyone out there really
> wants to buy address blocks. That discussion is getting a bit silly. We
> need to explore and discuss the merits of authorizing private address
> transfers; I am not going to spend another minute humoring the pretense
> that no one is interested in transferring addresses. 

	again the "we"... why do "we" NEED to explore private transfers?
	why is that the presumed desired outcome over any other possible
> I am justified in doing that because, if anyone really believes that
> there are no substantial players out there willing to trade address
> space for money, then that person shouldn't worry about instituting the
> transfer policies. If no one trades, the transfers can't possibly do any
> harm, can they? 

	other than the waste of time and resource in creating worthless
	policy, no harm no foul. that said, review and update of transfer
	policies are clearly within the perview of the ARIN membership.
	I'm not persuaded about your forgone conclusions about:

		) the disconnect between address stewardship and routability
		) equating stewardship with ownership
		) the inevitability of private transfer


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