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> This strategy does seem to be the most plausible I've yet 
> seen for IPv6 rollout.  It would seem that if IPv4 addresses 
> become valuable in the IPv4 end-game, Comcast wins or at least 
> breaks even by freeing up and redeploying IPv4 addresses. If 
> IPv6 wins out, Comcast is obviously in a good position. A 
> broadband carrier who bets against IPv6 could win if 
> IPv4 addresses go up in value and IPv6 doesn't take off; but 
> they face the looming risk that if it does, they'll be at a

Yes, this is why it's important for v4 addresses to go up in price. And
allowing transfers to set the price is a far more flexible, realistic
and responsive way to do that than blind, top-down impositions of fees
by ARIN remaining within the centralized allocation model.

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