[arin-ppml] Portable address space vs. IPv6 auto-numbering

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Wed Jun 11 20:39:18 EDT 2008

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> I usually let these irrelevant analogies go by, but this 
> one's too much.

Hey if you can't have any fun at all what's the point of posting? 

> > > 
> > > while i am not a member of RRG, if the question is drawn as
> > > clearly as that, my position would be, forget about IPv4.  
> > > the internet will have many more than 2^32 devices connected 
> > > to it simultaneously within our lifetimes, and i think we 
> > > should preserve the option of not using NAT in future 
> > > generations. therefore IPv4's growth has a glass ceiling 
> > > formed by its address size, and any effort that's put into 
> > > growing its routing table has a fixed return.
> > 
> > Standard road lane width on a modern US highway is 
> determined by the 
> > width of the butts of 2 horses.  This dates back oh, a 
> couple thousand 
> > years.
> Roman roads were narrower (8') than modern highway lanes 
> (12'). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_road
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interstate_Highway_standards
> Even if they were essentially the same, the width was set to 
> meet the requirement to allow passage of a vehicle that allows 
> two passengers to sit side by side.

Jokes about airplane manufacturers, the comparative width of
horse and people butts, and increase in obesity
in the US are very hard to let pass by, here, Lee....

> > Is standard auto and road width optimal?  I don't know.  I do know, 
> > though, that a hell of a lot of people have died in SUV rollover 
> > crashes that would have not happened if the width of their vehicle 
> > was, say, the width of 3 butts of horses.
> Only if they were not proportionately higher.  

Height is determined largely by the hight of a person from
midsection to head, there's no reason to believe that your
average SUV would be any higher if the road width was made
wider.  The military dictated a wider width for the HumVee
when it comissioned them because even the bull-necks in
the military can see that blindly following a standard
set by measuring people's or horse's asses was not
an optimal standard.

IPv4 is the Internet's horse's ass standard, here...


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