[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Dedicated IPv4 block to facilitate IPv6 deployment

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Sun Jun 8 18:03:23 EDT 2008

> straw man: grab a dozen unrouted /28 blocks from ARIN's inventory having wide
> range of first-octet, pick a dozen existing (routed; known to be old and
> stable) places; arrange the machinery and software to be able to do ping tests
> of some known reachable addresses within every prefix in today's global
> routing table; (ping means icmp-echo but could also include a TCP SYN to port
> 65535, and in all cases we need to remember the address of the gateway who
> sent us an icmp response); variations should include advertising each /28
> and re-running the ping tests after 10 minutes, 100 minutes, 1000 minutes,
> and perhaps faking a route flap to see how that changes the results; compare
> the ping test quality of these /28's against the ping test quality from the
> existing/routed/old/stable prefixes run at the same time, to filter out the
> remote-end reachability problems and hopefully leave us with /28-nonpropagate
> events.
> ping tests of this kind are incomplete.  we also need to institute ping and
> TCP/80 from within enduser networks, and it will have to be more than a dozen.
> but because of the difficulty of designing and executing that experiment, i'd
> say we should ask for the ping test results first, since if they are dismal,
> then marty's proposed amendment will fail and we won't need to know what the
> inbound reachability of these prefixes would have been.
> who can improve on this?

much of this has been been done.  see nick's stuff, our paper last inm,
the cool one at the app level from last janog and apricot, some renesys
work in the area, ...

but what is this gonna tell you?  what is in place today.  bit whoopie doo.

just as with the 2050 /19 agreement in danvers, filtering policies will
adjust to allocation realities if honestly negotiated and technically

so do not base all future technology and policy on yesterday's ephemeral
router configs.  otoh, do make tools to prevent, diagnose, and fix
errant configs.


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