[arin-ppml] simple question about money

James Jun james at towardex.com
Sun Jun 8 10:53:44 EDT 2008


If you are an existing IPv4 customer of ARIN, with a direct allocation, then
you only pay the higher of the two protocols per year for maintenance.  For
example, if you currently pay $2250/yr for a /20 IPv4 block, the /32 IPv6
block at same fee is provided to you free of charge (assuming your org can
qualify for a /32 via the usual justification process).

I think it's a very reasonable policy, as long as you are an IPv4 subscriber
of ARIN, you get to obtain equivalently priced/categorized IPv6 address
space without incurring additional costs.  If you are not an IPv4 customer
of ARIN, think of the money that's being paid as part of General Membership
fee as opposed to paying for just IPv6 addresses.  Everyone holding
non-legacy IPv4 address blocks is paying a fee for keep-up of ARIN
operations every year, so it makes sense for new IPv6 holders to do the
same, if they are not an existing IPv4 customer.

Hope this helps clarify some of your concerns.


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> Sale, rent, whatever. It's $1000/year that I'll have to pay to use IPv6. I
> know there are fee waivers in the beginning, but I don't care about the
> beginning. I care about the long term, and committing to $1000/year long
> term for the use of something that cannot possibly cost more than $10/year
> is, in my opinion, bordering on criminal.
> You will not convince me that it costs more than about $10/year to do all
> of the administrative processing needed to remember that I am the
> authorized user of that portion of the address space. If I were the only
> user, then, yes, the cost of maintaining an administrative staff would be
> more than $10/year. But in the fullness of time there ought to be millions
> of people using it, and tens of millions a year is the kind of thing that
> I expect ICANN to spend, not ARIN.
> When you finish making fun of me for asking the question, it would be good
> to have a factual answer. Pompous assertions that I must be ignorant else
> I would understand why they have to charge so much are neither factual nor
> answers.
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