[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal 2008-4 Discussed at ARIN Caribbean Sector Meeting

Ricardo Patara patara at lacnic.net
Wed Jun 4 14:37:08 EDT 2008


Regarding this policy proposal and also specially to the comment raised at ARIN
Caribbean Sector Meeting, that similar policy would be needed inside LACNIC region.

Such special policy for Caribbean sector is not needed in LACNIC, actually.
Currently there is already a "similar" policy and it applies to any
organization of the region.

Basically, under this policy, any ISP in the LACNIC region can request a /21
IPv4 block.
And to justify for such allocation, it has to show current efficient
utilization of a /22 or an immediate need for it. No need to be multihomed.

More details at:

3.3.1. Initial Allocations to Internet Service Providers

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>Policy Proposal 2008-4
>Minimum Allocation in the Caribbean Region
>On 21 May, ARIN held a Caribbean Sector Meeting in Kingston, Jamaica, to 
>discuss active policy proposals in the ARIN region and gain a Caribbean 
>perspective on ARIN policies and procedures.
>Suzanne Woolf, as a representative of the Advisory Council, presented 
>the proposal and outlined its specific requirements. Ray Plzak and Leo 
>Bicknell provided additional information about the proposal's history 
>and creation, including that this proposal's text is largely based on a 
>previous policy in effect for the African portion of the ARIN region 
>before AfriNIC became an RIR.
>Attendees asked for data on the number of organizations that would 
>benefit from this policy. Leslie Nobile said that there have been 34 
>resource requests for allocations, assignments, and AS numbers between 
>March 2007 and March 2008 and that of those received, about 50 percent 
>were approved. Leo Bicknell asked if it would useful for this proposal 
>to include assignments to end-users. Several attendees spoke in favor of 
>such a revision, saying it would help foster competition and liberalize 
>the industry in the Caribbean.
>Complete notes from the discussion about "Policy Proposal 2008-4: 
>Minimum Allocation in the Caribbean Region" are available at 
>The full report of that meeting, which includes presentations and 
>summary notes, is available on the ARIN website at 
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