[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal 2008-2 Discussed at ARIN Caribbean Sector Meeting

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Mon Jun 2 11:27:30 EDT 2008

Policy Proposal 2008-2
IPv4 Transfer Policy Proposal

On 21 May, ARIN held a Caribbean Sector Meeting in Kingston, Jamaica, to 
discuss active policy proposals in the ARIN region and gain a Caribbean 
perspective on ARIN policies and procedures.

Leo Bicknell, as Chair of the Advisory Council, presented on the topic 
of current policy, the history and rationale of this proposal, how the 
Advisory Council came to author it, and an overview of the text. Other 
members of the Board of Trustees and Advisory Council also provided 
other background information for the attendees.

Meeting participants asked questions about ARIN's role in setting fees, 
the possibility of market speculation, and what repercussions would come 
from transfers made outside of ARIN. Another attendee commented that he 
did not understand the problem the policy attempts to solve, as IPv6 
deployment would be the better solution.

Complete notes from the discussion about "Policy Proposal 2008-2: IPv4 
Transfer Policy Proposal" are available at 

The full report of that meeting, which includes presentations and 
summary notes, is available on the ARIN website at 


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