[arin-ppml] Your views on ARIN Transfer Policy Proposal 2008-2

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Wed Jul 16 05:35:38 EDT 2008

> For those of you who have continually expressed your views, I 
> would still ask for your concise list as I believe the 
> aggregate response from all participants will help point us 
> all in the direction of consensus.

1. I do not believe that an address holder should be able to
   negotiate a transfer of IP addresses separately from network
   assets. This skates to close to conflicting with the statement
   that numbers are not sold by ARIN.

2. The runout of the IANA free pool is a symptom of scarcity of
   IPv4 addresses. I do not believe that there will be any 
   significant number of address blocks available for transfer
   in a time of scarcity.

3. If an organization is willing to transfer an address block,
   this means that they don't need it. Allowing them to transfer
   these addresses is a violation of section 8 of the RSA.

4. The end result of this policy is that an address block that is
   not needed by organization A will end up in the hands of 
   organization B. This can already be accomplished in accord
   with ARIN policy and with the RSA, if organization A meets
   its obligation and gives the addresses back to ARIN.

5. This policy proposal is too darn COMPLICATED with legal terminology
   such as "safe harbor" which may or may not have special meanings
   that are not obvious to PPML participants. ARIN policy has 
   generally only been as complex as the technology requires,
   but this now adds layers of complexity that have nothing 
   whatsoever to do with technology.

6. Organizations who hold IP addresses will have to take the ARIN 
   relationship away from operational address administrators and
   give it to their legal departments in order to make this kind
   of policy work.

7. This policy attempts to engineer an IP address trading market
   with clauses pulled out of thin air to do things like "discourage
   speculation". This goes beyond ARIN's scope. I'm sure you will
   point to article 7 paragraph 5 of the charter, but when I say
   that it goes beyond ARIN's scope, I am saying it in broad terms
   taking all 9 paragraphs of article 7 as an organic whole. Not just
   three words (all and everything).

--Michael Dillon

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