[arin-ppml] Your views on ARIN Transfer Policy Proposal 2008-2

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Tue Jul 15 18:08:59 EDT 2008


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> What I ask is for you to consider your own understanding and stance on
> amending our present transfer policy to determine what you really like
> (if anything) about the proposal....

What I like about the proposal is that it recognizes that something
needs to be done and it gives organizations that currently hold or need
address resources more flexibility to deal with the impending scarcity. 

I also like the fact that it is taking a _responsible_ attitude toward
v4-v6 migration; it recognizes that we must manage IPv4 scarcity wisely
because we don't really know how long it will take to get to v6, if

> What must be 'in' if the proposal is to get your support?

To get my support, what must be 'out' of the current ARIN proposal is
pre-qualification of buyers using traditional needs assessment. That
defeats the whole purpose of transfers and makes it unlikely that it
will make any difference. See the RIPE proposal, for a good model of how
to defeat speculation without drastic measures.

You should also get rid of the trigger date, just start authorizing
transfers as soon as the new policy is passed.

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