[arin-ppml] ARIN to make Legacy WhoIs (WhoWas) info available - Suggestion 2008.15

heather skanks heather.skanks at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 14:04:19 EDT 2008

I didn't see anything on ppml about this .. ARIN responded to the suggestion
to make WhoWas data publicly availale (suggestion 2008.15)

Here is the response:  http://www.arin.net/acsp/suggestions/2008-15.html

Following review by ARIN staff, we believe your suggestion for ARIN 'to
offer a "WHOWAS" service' is a good suggestion for the community. ARIN has
periodically, and under certain circumstances, provided this service on an
adhoc basis but has not published it as an available service. As a result,
we will implement this suggestion in a published, phased approach.

First, within three months, ARIN will implement this service through online
requests to ARIN's Registration Services Department (RSD). RSD will respond
to the requests within 5 business days.

The second phase of this service will be an online query capability.  This
service should be available by the end of 2009 following implementation of
our web-based on-line service center.

For both phases, ARIN will require a thorough understanding of both the
requester and intended use of the data.  The requestor may also be bound by
some form of an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Limits may be set regarding how
many requests can be made by any single entity, related to both the number
of requests and period of time for requests. ARIN may have limitations on
the availability of the data, particularly in cases where it in not
available to ARIN.  Restrictions may be placed on third party requests.
ACSP suggestion 2008.15 will remain in a pending status until implemented.
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