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Martin Hannigan martin.hannigan at batelnet.bs
Tue Jan 15 18:18:47 EST 2008

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> I've always been dubious of the need for SWIP. At best,
> its a great way to find the customers of your competitors.
>  At worst, for your competitors to find your customers.
> While I'm not against SWIP as an optional service for
> those who _want_ to provide such information, I'm against
> it as a requirement.
> I don't see any need for ARIN to require SWIP.  While ARIN
> may have a legitimate interest in this information to
> establish usage for further allocation, that information
> really should be kept strictly confidential--not even
> board members should see it. In contrast, SWIP is public.

You could always propose a policy to do away with SWIP.
> BTW, Legacy block's don't have to comply with the RSA. "No
> SWIP" is just one of the many rights that one loses under
> the Legacy RSA.  Don't sign the Legacy RSA. Contact me,
> instead.

What will that get them? 


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