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>>>>> "Leo" == Leo Bicknell <bicknell at ufp.org> writes:
    Leo> In a message written on Wed, Jan 09, 2008 at 01:17:21PM -0500, mcr at xdsinc.net wrote:
    >> Cool. So, will this policy change identify:
    >> a) which police I call.

    Leo> I suggest using your local phone book for, City, County, and State
    Leo> Police/Sherrif/Constables, and FBI offices near you.  Your local
    Leo> district attorneys may also be interested.

  Remember that ARIN deals with all of America. North. South.
  Canada, US. Your generous use of terms don't even begin to include all
of the relevant groups.

    >> b) what are the infractions.
    >> (is lack of a reverse an infraction?
    >> Is failing to observe my SLA with my transit ISP an infraction?)

    Leo> I suggest you contact your lawyer on what may constitute criminal
    Leo> and/or civil actions.

  If the government of Canada makes lack of a reverse an infraction,
will your lawyers agree to extraditing you?

    >> c) who these police are going to funded.

    Leo> Funding for these people are already in place via a mechanism
    Leo> favorable to the local government, typically taxes.

  My local police can't spell firewall.  The only internet related things
they have time for are ones that involve children.  Now, do I call the
local to me, or the police local to the offender?

    Leo> In the long run, I suspect having scammers convicted of fraud,
    Leo> spammers convicted of violation of the CAN SPAM act, and child
    Leo> molesters guilty of COPA violations (or worse) and putting them in
    Leo> prision will do far more to solve the problem than having vigilanties
    Leo> work on getting them booted off a particular ISP only to have them
    Leo> appear wack-a-mole style on 10 more.

  Oh, I agree with you entirely.
  The problem is that I haven't met a police force yet that is able to
tell the difference between a flaky router causing packet-loss and a
distrubuted denial of service attack that is causing a remote link to be
congestion.  If I don't have whois, then I can't determine who to
contact to help me figure that out, and when I should call the cops.

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