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>>>>> "michael" == michael dillon <michael.dillon at bt.com> writes:
    michael> If we only publish whois info for organizations with a direct
    michael> ARIN relationship, then we could extend the whois directory
    michael> to contain the phone number of the local police Commercial 
    michael> Crime department at the organization's headquarters location,
    michael> the fax number and postal address at which to serve sub-poenas
    michael> and so on.

  That's certainly an appealing compromise.
  Organizations without direct ARIN relationships also tend to more
likely to be bad-actors, so this itself might be useful.

    michael> Police funding is out of scope for ARIN. As for credentials,
    michael> you seem to be making fun of the idea of a special IP police 
    michael> force. Don't you realize that this is the state of affairs 

  Not entirely. I was asking how ARIN was going to fund this special
police force.  My jurisdiction used to have the RCMP handle internet
"crime". That was devolved down the the local cops, which now offer the
fire department if your talk abou firewalls.  If you want attention, you
need to report child-porn -- that's all they know how to investigate.
  I'm not upset --- these guys just don't have the budget to hire people
with clues. 

  And I can't call the cops in another city/jurisdiction. I have to call
my local cops and they have to call the other groups.  
    michael> today? There is a special, self-appointed vigilante IP 
    michael> police force which uses various forms of intimidation as
    michael> a regular part of their arsenal. These IP police have no
    michael> credentials and are not regulated by anyone at all.

  Under the original proposal, only the IP police would have access to
whois info, which means that I had better make sure that I have those
credentials so that I can find out who is attacking me, and who their
upstream is, and when I have transit issues, I can find out who owns
blocks of interest.
  Under your system, I don't need that, as long as the ISPs who delegate
address space are willing to answer the phone with complaints about
downstream ISPs that don't have ARIN relationships.

    michael> The first step is to remove all whois information that
    michael> is not for an organization with a direct relationship with
    michael> ARIN.

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