[ppml] ***POSSIBLE SPAM*** Re: /29 limit for ARIN SWIP whois

Dean Anderson dean at av8.com
Sun Jan 13 18:51:27 EST 2008

I've always been dubious of the need for SWIP. At best, its a great way
to find the customers of your competitors.  At worst, for your
competitors to find your customers. While I'm not against SWIP as an
optional service for those who _want_ to provide such information, I'm
against it as a requirement.

I don't see any need for ARIN to require SWIP.  While ARIN may have a
legitimate interest in this information to establish usage for further
allocation, that information really should be kept strictly
confidential--not even board members should see it. In contrast, SWIP is

BTW, Legacy block's don't have to comply with the RSA. "No SWIP" is just
one of the many rights that one loses under the Legacy RSA.  Don't sign
the Legacy RSA. Contact me, instead.


On Thu, 10 Jan 2008, Divins, David wrote:

> ARIN requires re-assignment name and address in addition to POC e-mail
> for reassignments.  You can leave them blank but then you are non-ARIN
> compliant per RSA.

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