[ppml] [arin-discuss] /29 limit for ARIN SWIP whois

Kevin Doyle kdoyle at peak5.com
Wed Jan 9 18:10:07 EST 2008

A technical question... When we are referring to "bad actors" is that
the crew of the "Love Boat"?





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Wow, this is like that movie.  What was it called again.... Oh ya, "The
Never Ending Story"



Ted Mittelstaedt wrote: 


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		I would suggest you do some research on how effective
		United Nations Security Council is in "cleaning up" bad
		actors like North Korea.

	Ah, but if Ted Mittelstaedt had Kim Jong iL's home address and
	number it would all be better, right?  You could do something
	it, right?  You and your band of merry men could stop him from
	spamming, or launching cyber terror attacks, right?  I'm sure
	could get him booted from his ISP.

If I has the home address for Osama Bin Laden, I assure you that
the US military would make things "all better"
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