[ppml] [arin-discuss] /29 limit for ARIN SWIP whois

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Wed Jan 9 15:26:04 EST 2008

Wow, this is like that movie.  What was it called again.... Oh ya, "The 
Never Ending Story"



Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
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>> Mittelstaedt wrote:
>>> I would suggest you do some research on how effective the
>>> United Nations Security Council is in "cleaning up" bad
>>> actors like North Korea.
>> Ah, but if Ted Mittelstaedt had Kim Jong iL's home address and phone
>> number it would all be better, right?  You could do something about
>> it, right?  You and your band of merry men could stop him from
>> spamming, or launching cyber terror attacks, right?  I'm sure you
>> could get him booted from his ISP.
> If I has the home address for Osama Bin Laden, I assure you that
> the US military would make things "all better"
> Ted
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