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Wed Jan 9 13:17:21 EST 2008

>>>>> "Leo" == Leo Bicknell <bicknell at ufp.org> writes:
    Leo> No.  My argument is that there's no need for everyone to put
    Leo> their name, address and phone number on the back of their car.
    Leo> If you see a car run a red light you don't get to show up at
    Leo> Bob's home with a baseball bat and beat him up; you get to call
    Leo> authorities and give them the license plate number, which they
    Leo> can look up and track down.

    Leo> If someone is comitting a crime from an IP address the right
    Leo> thing to do is call the police, not make the information
    Leo> available for a self-appointed lynch mob to show up at the
    Leo> person's door.

  Cool. So, will this policy change identify:
	a) which police I call.
	b) what are the infractions.
	   (is lack of a reverse an infraction?
	    Is failing to observe my SLA with my transit ISP an infraction?)
        c) who these police are going to funded.
	d) will there be an open market for providing these "police" services
	e) who do I get IP-police credentials anyway?

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