[ppml] /29 limit for ARIN SWIP whois

Stacy Taylor ipgoddess at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 16:59:10 EST 2008

Hi Everyone,So, Joe - did you want to change it so that /28 and shorter
prefix lengths should be swipped, and that the /29s are trivial?  What is it
you'd like us to look at?
Stacy Taylor

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This discussion needs to move to the ppml as it concerns a policy and its
merits and rationale.


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> > Is there any overriding reason to limit ARIN swip to /29 or bigger?
> I will point out (in IPv4):
> /32 assignment (e.g. dial up, DSL, etc) is by definition 100% utilized.
> In terms of subnets, which only make sense if you have two more more
> devices (router + one or more hosts):
> /31 subnet by definition is 100% used.
> /30 subnet by definition is 100% used (router, host, network,
> broadcast).
> /29 subnet is at minimum 50% used (router, host, network, broadcast).
>     If we further assume this was done because a /30 was not large
>     enough (e.g. people are doing the right thing) there must be at
>     least 5/8's, or 62.5% in use.  Also, while the standard may be 80%
>     utilization, which would require 7 of the 8 IP's to be in use;
>     that leaves an interesting corner case where 5/8 and 6/8 can't
>     fit in a /30, but don't meet 80%.  Thus it makes sense to count
>     5/8 and 6/8 as fully utilized, making it all but impossible to
>     have an underutilized /29.
> Now, one of ARIN's primary uses for the data is to insure assignments
> were made in accordance with ARIN's rules when someone requests more
> space.  There's no reason to review a /30, /31, or 32, as there's no
> chance those assignments were under-utilized.
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