[ppml] Policy Proposal: IPv4 Transfer Policy Proposal

Howard, W. Lee Lee.Howard at stanleyassociates.com
Mon Feb 11 11:56:29 EST 2008

I'm not commenting on the merit of the proposal, but on its

> 8.4.3    Conditions on the IPv4 address block to be transferred:
>      * The IPv4 block must comply with applicable ARIN requirements,
>        including minimum allocation size (i.e. NRPM 4.2.2., 4.2.4.,
>        4.3.2., 4.3.6.).  However, an IPv4 allocation or 
> assignment of /24
>        or larger, but smaller than the current minimum 
> allocation size,
>        may be transferred as a whole resource, but may not be 
> subdivided.

Is this intended to mean swamp space can remain swampy, but other
space can't be subdivided in /24?  It looks like it says the block
must meet minimum transfer size, unless it's a /24 or larger.

>      * The transferor may retain one contiguous address range out of
>        their original allocation or assignment for their own use, and
>        transfer the other contiguous address range.  If the 
> address range
>        to be transferred consists of multiple non-aggregatable CIDR
>        blocks, each may be transferred to a different transferee.  The
>        retained address range may not be further subdivided or
>        transferred for a period of 12 months.

I can transfer my hypothetical /16 as 254 /24s and keep one for myself?


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