[arin-ppml] The LRSA $100 fee...

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Sat Aug 30 13:09:19 EDT 2008

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> It is my humble opinion that domain name registrars suck.  The
> best of them provides lousy service and near-useless WHOIS.
> Competition has ruined registry services by starting a race to
> the bottom in price and service.

Competition in the domain name registrar space has probably returned
about US$ 5 billion in consumer surplus to domain name registrants over
the past 7 years. It's led to some problems but also a massive
improvement in service levels and growth in the industry. If you wish to
hold up Network Solutions Inc's pre-competition service levels as an
improvement over what exists now I suspect that you keep that quiet.
People who had to deal with them will either harm themselves via an
apoplectic reaction or lose control and assault you. ;-) 

Are we going to start pining for the good old AT&T monopoly next? 

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